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Iris & Marty Walshin
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Rather than spending on a new building,
the Honorable Angelo Martinelli 
saved money by recycling a retired
NY State Armory, our current location.

Iris & Marty Walshin through their
Incredible Generosity
made this dream a reality!

Photo Courtesy of The Marty and Iris Walshin Foundation


Our Founders

   Marty and Iris made giving to others their life's focus and became extraordinary philanthropists. During their lifetime, the generosity of Marty and Iris Walshin touched the lives of countless individuals.

Marty and Iris Walshin were a strong force for good and they did not let their beloved Yonkers down. This building and it's wonderful programs to keep
 Yonkers youths motivated
and on the right path 
is a legacy to their generosity
 and the way they lived their lives...
Always thinking of others!

Iris and Marty Walshin

Link to The Marty and Iris Walshin Foundation.

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