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  The Yonkers PAL is home to a complete Amateur Radio Station. Talk around the world and make new friends or train to work communications during emergencies. We educate all age groups and administer the FCC license exam. Call us at (914)375-1080, we'll invite you in, turn on a radio & you will make contact around the world! In a few short visits you will be ready to take your test. Pass the test and your a ham! The radio station at the PAL is open for everyone to try out. We only ask that if you earn your amateur radio license, one day you help someone else to earn their license. 

The Ham Radio Club is proud of our new state of the art professional weather station! Watch weather systems form, aproach and pass over us from our four professional weatherproof nightvision cameras! Our four cameras have 80 degree wide angle lens' and are aimed Southwest, West, North. The fourth camera is trained on a landmark tower just watching for lightening! Our weather cameras are streaming video 24 hours a day.

  The Yonkers PAL Ham Radio Club is affiliated with The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) as well as the W5YI-VEC Group. The ARRL & W5YI groups are the two largest groups representing Ham Operators in the United States.
 They work together with the FCC to Define, Enhance & Protect the amateur radio spectrum.

 The Yonkers PAL Ham Radio Club is proud to be endorsed by both organizations.

 The Yonkers Ham Radio Club is made up of volunteers who educate children in the lifelong hobbies of Amateur Radio & the Computer Sciences. $21.00 study manuals and the  $15.00 FCC license exam fee is paid for by club members. Please consider helping a young person become involved in a lifelong hobby. Thank You in Advance!

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